"Brother! why?"

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Loki/Colleen; Mourn me


ooc: I didn’t want to write this… :’(

The horns sounded of their return. It filled the air, loud and clear. Colleen slowly looked out her window from her letters. It couldn’t be… so soon? She rises from her chair and heads to the large window facing the rainbow bridge. A hoard of soldiers on horses galloped towards the gates. Her heart flutters.

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Everything’s good. [link]

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Thank God for that white shirt

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okay I just had a slightly weird but wonderful dream and I don’t dream about Tom often so I’m going to put it here. Basically I was back in school, though it certainly wasn’t my high school. It was that age, but it was all my classmates from primary school (high school age though). Oh yeah and Tom Hiddleston was a senior prefect and one day at lunch he was escorting some younger primary school aged girls somewhere when they asked if they could have the rest of my cupcake. I gave it to them, plus some to Tom. Later on, he was playing soccer so I decided to watch and he was flirting BY KICKING THE BALL AT MY FUCKING FACE BUT I TOTALLY ATE THAT SHIT UP LIKE OOOOH YES GOD HE’S SO HOT I HATE SPORTS BUT YES PLEASE and he was making it like, hover by my head as a sign of affection??!?!?


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Rip the stitches and free my silvertongue by 0-Marimo-0

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It’s not that I don’t love our little talks, it’s just… I don’t love them.

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I love this picture…

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